November 2016

Autumn is now well under way, the clocks went back a couple of days ago and

the mild weather has resulted in some spectacular autumn foliage. We have also had some amazing sunsets #LincsSkies. Last night the young Trick or Treaters were out in force in Scawby, it was a very mild evening for October and by 7pm my treats were all gone so I switched off the lights and drew the curtains. It's elementary really; lights on and a lit pumpkin slowly roasting on the doorstep means "Halloweeners welcome". Lights out and curtains closed means "try next door".

Our 5th Safari Supper was a wonderful village occasion as always and most of those who have given it a go are now regulars, we do need more new people joining in though. If you have just moved into the village please think about trying it next October.

The village dance was a great success and at only £5 a ticket a bargain. Ian Baxter, Mash entertainments did us proud, look out for him coming back to Scawby, with Rachel Day, next year.

The village bonfire and fireworks will be on Sunday 6th November this year. Everything will be the same, but better, than previous years. Bonfire lit at 6.30pm, fireworks at 7pm, there will be food and an outside bar. Absolutely no sparklers for safety reasons and please try to walk if you possibly can to avoid parking mayhem. Also if you can have the correct money ready as you arrive at the event it helps us get you through as quickly as possible. Adults £3 and children £1 there is no charge for under school age children.

Please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions, good or bad, we do welcome feedback from Scawby villagers. Contact us direct or through the website, Facebook or Twitter.

Scawby Events Team are: Trevor Barker, Chairman. Rosemary Platts, Secretary.

Tracey Powell, Treasurer. Jo Greaves, Vice Chair. Hayley Nutbrown, Neil Johnson,

Ryan Johnson, Sue Buss and John McHale.