The Hand-Drawn Map of Scawby

Scawby is such a picturesque place that we were spoilt for choice when deciding on pictures. Captions needed to be added to them and again it was essential that we checked the accuracy for instance: should there be an apostrophe in Joiners Cottage and Olivers Guest House? The answer, surprisingly, is no. It is traditional to have a map oriented north but we wanted it so that the person looking at it is presented with a map facing the same direction which is east



The hand drawn map of Scawby was the first big project for Scawby Events Team. We commissioned Nature Sign Design to create a map on a lectern as a lasting reminder of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. All the money that was left over from the Diamond Jubilee celebrations was spent on the map.


The map shows Scawby and Sturton, unfortunately we could not include either Greetwell or Scawby Brook as this would have made the map much too small so an arrow points in the direction with a caption about each place. Which street names to include and colours for the background had to be agreed and a very short history of Scawby was discussed and checked for accuracy. There are many places of interest in Scawby and we had to decide on just seven to be drawn larger than scale, we chose; The Water Pump, Laundry Cottage, The Pinfold, The Sutton Arms, The Village Hall, The Grove and The Mill. A caption was written about each one of these places and the conservation area was outlined in red.


Learning facts about Scawby, that we had not known before, made the project fascinating for Scawby Events Team. Everyone was fully involved and many hours were spent making changes until we were completely happy and satisfied with what we had accomplished.



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photos by Rosemary Platts

Unveiling the Map

Unveiling the Map

Tom Nelthorpe & Bunty Jarratt

Scawby Events Team

Scawby Events Team

Bunty, Anne, Hayley, Neil, Trevor, Rosemary, Jo & Tracey

The map was unveiled on 27th April 2013 by Mr Tom Nelthorpe and Mrs Bunty Jarratt. Many compliments have been received and we really hope that the village will be able to enjoy the map for many years to come. We chose to display the Diamond Jubilee Logo with the simple caption: MAP DONATED BY THE PEOPLE OF SCAWBY PARISH 2012