The Safari Supper

The Safari Supper is well-established in some rural villages and is a popular way to raise funds for various projects and good causes. It is also an excellent way to meet neighbours and get to know people who live nearby. 

There is a charge of £6 per person to take part and this money, like all the money raised by Scawby Events Team goes directly towards the cost of events and items for the village.


How does it work?

1  Each couple (or two people), will serve one course of a three course meal for six people in their own home. Everyone will know well in advance which course they are to provide. On the invitation you can request which course you would like to make and we will try to keep everyone happy if possible.


2  We all meet at the Sutton Arms at 6.30pm to find out where the first course will be and the hosts for the first two courses will be given sealed envelopes.


3  At the end of the starter the host will open the envelope to reveal where everyone will be going for the main course. Each couple will be going to a different home as the idea is that you meet as many different people as possible. The time allowed for each course will be an hour plus 15minutes travelling time. The first course will be from 6.45pm to 7.45pm.


4  The main course will start at 8.00pm and at the end of the main course the host will open the envelope to reveal where everyone is going for dessert.

   To summarise:

   6.30pm PROMPT    -   Meet at the Sutton Arms

   6.45pm -  7.45pm  -   Starter

   8.00pm -  9.00pm  -   Main Course

   9.15pm - 10.15pm -   Dessert 

   10.30pm                   All back to the Sutton Arms  



Everyone who lives within walking distance of the Sutton Arms can participate. You do not need to be part of a couple and as a host it is entirely up to you what sort of food and drink you provide. It is not necessary to make expensive dishes, it is not a competition. The aim is to have an enjoyable evening and meet new people and we urgently need new people to join in to keep it running. If you have not joined in yet but are interested or would like more details please contact me


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